Leah Borromeo

Filipino American

Disobedient Films



London-based Leah Borromeo operates at the crossroads of film, art and journalism on projects that can be seen in cinemas, on television, in galleries, online and on the street. Her work creates compelling non-fiction narratives across multiple forms and has been described as "redolent with mischief" and as a "masterclass in journalism". She made the Academy Award-qualified and Grierson nominated The Mortician of Manila and Salma the Boxer with Al Jazeera's documentary flagship Witness.  Leah is working on expanding the Climate Symphony concept she instigated and has collaborated on this with other storytellers, artists, journalists, music-makers and machines. Climate Symphony turns climate change data into sound and tells the story of our footprint on Earth.

Active Projects

Leah's work melds art, journalism and filmmaking in a closed loop. As well as building on the lessons of Climate Symphony, she is currently working on a film exploring sadness with undocumented Filipino migrants in the UK, a film about Asian-Americans in America, and helping teach an AI about storytelling. Her interests lie in good tales well told and new ways telling them.

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